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From the Community

More Than A Politician

Jessica Miranda is a mother of three, a small business owner, and the proud Representative of Ohio House District 28. As a lifelong resident of Southwest Ohio, Jessica is proud to represent the place she calls home. After a narrow victory in 2018, Jessica has spent every day in the Statehouse fighting for education and jobs for the #Great28. She has introduced legislation to support common sense gun safety, public school counselors, and veterans who are victims of suicide. In addition to developing a strong legislative record, Rep. Miranda has transformed constituent services in her office, proving that she is a public servant, not a politician.

For the Community

Ohio Democrats call on Republican colleagues to embrace multiple gun reform proposals

“Our country is hurting right now, due to various forms of senseless violence, and as lawmakers we have an obligation to take meaningful steps to address this,” Miranda said.

Ohio Democrats promote ‘Equal Pay Act’ to close state’s wage gap

State Reps. Stephanie Howse of Cleveland and Jessica Miranda of Forest Park recently sponsored the “Ohio Equal Pay Act,” which sets new requirements for public employers as well as business entities pursuing grants and contracts with the Ohio government.

Bill Would Halt Collection On Some Student And Medical Debt

A bill is being introduced in the Ohio Legislature that would halt the collection of student and medical debt owed to the state’s universities and hospitals.