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Meet Jessica Miranda

Jessica Miranda is a mother of three, a small business owner, and the proud Representative of Ohio House District 28. As a lifelong resident of Southwest Ohio, Jessica is proud to represent the place she calls home. After a narrow victory in 2018, Jessica has spent every day in the Statehouse fighting for education and jobs for the #Great28. She has introduced legislation to support common sense gun safety, public school counselors, and veterans who are victims of suicide. In addition to developing a strong legislative record, Rep. Miranda has transformed constituent services in her office, proving that she is a public servant, not a politician.

Jessica has a passion for education policy and greater economic opportunity for the taxpayers and families of Ohio’s 28th House District. A graduate of Talawanda High School, she is a proud product of public schools and her children attend the Winton Woods City School District. Jessica is the past president of the Winton Woods City School Board, and believes in transparency and accountability for all schools. Under her leadership at Winton Woods, local schools worked to improve standards for attendance, curriculum and fiscal responsibility. A strong advocate for our schools, Jessica will continue to fight for Ohio to improve its educational opportunities for students by funding and focusing resources for public schools.

Jessica was the 2014 recipient of the Forest Park Business Recognition award for her exemplary community service and is a Licensed Property & Casualty Insurance Broker and holds numerous IRS certifications. As a small business owner providing insurance and tax services to middle and working class families, she knows firsthand that economic development requires leveling the playing field and working with local businesses to ensure the success of the entire community.

Jessica believes the government has the responsibility to create quality of life standards under which families can flourish. She knows the 28th district will prosper only if we create and maintain an educated workforce, increase job opportunities, improve infrastructure and transportation, increase technology access, and prioritize safe communities for our residents.

Jessica and her husband, Jose, are the parents of three daughters, homeowners and committed entrepreneurs in the City of Forest Park dedicated to building a stronger and more prosperous community.