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The Issues

Auditor Miranda has been a champion for public schools, small businesses, and working families her entire career. She understands the lived experiences of everyday Hamilton County residents, and wants to continue to be a voice for working moms and families. If elected to remain in the Auditor’s office, she will work hard every day to maintain the trust of property owners, modernize the Auditor’s office and improve the transparency of the office’s processes, so that residents can more easily engage with her work.

Fair and Equitable Property Values.

The property valuation process can be complicated, but every homeowner and business owner in Hamilton County deserves to have confidence that their property is being evaluated with attention to detail, accuracy, and fairness in adherence with state regulations. As Auditor, I will uphold these standards to the fullest extent so property owners can trust the results.


It’s understandably frustrating for taxpayers when we don’t know how our tax dollars are being spent. We deserve to understand where this money is going: whether its local budgets, tax abatements, or other public projects. I’m committed to making sure that Hamilton County taxpayers can easily find information online, so that we can understand how these funds are being used. 

Further, ensuring open communication during the auditing process and engaging the public will be key to making sure the community is engaged with the work my office is doing on behalf of Hamilton County.

Modernizing the Office.

There are many functions that the Auditor’s office serves to the people of Hamilton County, and being able to access all the relevant information online should be easy and user-friendly. I am committed to leveraging technology and innovation to streamline operations and improve service delivery. By embracing modern tools and methodologies, we can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of our auditing processes, ultimately benefiting our residents.